We’re Having a Baby!

It honestly feels so crazy to even be writing about this, because I really never knew when this day would come! After almost 9 years of being together and 6 years married, I think all of our family and friends had just about given up hope on us ever having kids haha. Whenever people would ask us if we were going to have any we would always just say “someday” and we never really talked about it, so I’m sure that’s another big reason, is we just weren’t the kind of people that talked much about ever being parents. The truth is, for the first 4-ish years of marriage I never actually knew if I wanted to be a mom. The thought basically terrified me. We love to travel, being able to just get up and leave basically whenever we want to, and truly have really loved our freedom. I honestly always wondered why I didn’t want to be a mom like other women my age, and wondered if I ever would.

Well… right before the 5th year mark it hit me like a ton of bricks. I finally wanted to be a mom. Needed to be a mom. It basically consumed my thoughts with how badly I wanted to have a baby all of the sudden and was very new territory for me. Of course as fate would have it, I started to have a ton of issues physically during this time. I won’t go into details, but basically there was a long span of time that year where I was not able to get pregnant. I was in and out of the doctors for months trying to figure out how to get my body working properly so we could have a baby. This was one of the hardest times in my life.

As a photographer, we have busy and slow seasons, and I really wanted to try and have the baby during one of my slower seasons. Month after month passed and still no baby. This was just adding to the anxiety that I already was having, because each month that passed was even further into my busy wedding season.

Well after lots of tests, appointments, waiting, and praying, we finally found out we were pregnant!  In the end, this was about 15 months after I decided I wanted to start a family, so it felt like an eternity but I’m just grateful either way that it happened for us. It makes me appreciate it even that much more and I have welcomed every little ache and pain that comes along with pregnancy because it’s just a reminder that I get the gift of carrying a baby.

Well as fate would have it, I am of course having our baby right smack dab in the middle of my busiest time of year! If I’m being honest, it’s been hard having to turn down so many weddings and sessions, especially when last year was such a crazy year of growth for my business, so I had so many huge goals set for it this year originally. In the end, the immense joy and excitement I have for our baby overrides that feeling 100% though. Even though I am missing out on so many other opportunities, I get the best gift ever at the end of all this!

Long before I was even pregnant and I was scrolling through Pinterest I saw this baby announcement photo where they had this gold “baby” balloon and told myself that’s what I want to do whenever we get to announce a pregnancy. So when our day finally came, I found out where they sell the balloon, picked it up, and we went out and got to take these pictures! Taking our pregnancy announcement pictures was so surreal to me. For one, I’m always the person behind the camera so that always just feels weird for me to be in front of it, and secondly because I just couldn’t believe the photos were to announce OUR baby!! (My mom actually is the one who went out with us to a location here in Prescott and took these with my camera, then I edited them myself afterwards. So shout out to Mom for the big help!)


Now you guys know why I was more quiet on social media for the first couple months this year, because this has been such a huge secret to keep! And then add on the first trimester symptoms= total lack of any motivation when you’re feeling so crummy. I’m so glad the secret is out now though so I can share this incredible journey with all of you! We are SO excited for this next stage in our life and can’t wait for baby Mason to come in August!! xoxo

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