Downtown Prescott Square Wedding

The downtown courthouse square has always been my favorite part of Prescott. Even before I lived here and we would just come to visit, we always had to take a trip down town to walk around the square. With its green grass, tons of luscious trees, and the huge, historic courthouse, this place really is so beautiful. So when Cara reached out to me to capture her wedding here, it was an easy YES! Her and Sheldon got married right in the middle of the square, beneath the trees and it really couldn’t have been more perfect. It was right in the beginning of August, which in my opinion, happens to be the prettiest time of year for this area. For almost half of the year, the trees here are all dormant, during the colder seasons. On their wedding day everything around us was green, thriving, and in full bloom, which made for the most incredible wedding photos with that incredible summer glow. 

My specific favorite part about the square has to be the giant, historic courthouse. I love the architecture of it and just how unique it is to this area. Those that live in Arizona, know that we really don’t have many buildings like this with giant columns and huge stair cases. I’m always a little jealous of the east coast photographers I know because they always get to shoot at locations with the coolest old buildings, so the courthouse gives me a little taste of that here! If you scroll through the photos you can see we got a lot of pictures on its huge steps which was so much fun to capture!

This wedding was a little bit different compared to some of my others, since I was only there for 2 hours. Because of this current pandemic, smaller, more intimate wedding days like this have become a lot more common. In a way, it makes the whole thing even that much more special though. There are no big frills to stress over or lots of guests you are trying to accommodate; the day really is solely about your LOVE and finally getting to become husband and wife. 

Another aspect that made things different at this wedding, was that I was 9 months pregnant. I had already done a wedding pregnant during the pandemic that you can read about here, but I was only about 7 months along at that particular one. Being full term and ready to pop literally any day while shooting a wedding was definitely a unique experience. I usually try to dress up more formal for my weddings, but my feet were so swollen that I had to wear my knock-off Birkenstock sandals, since they were the only things that fit my feet because they had adjustable straps haha! Like I said earlier, it was also the middle of Summer, so I’m sure you can imagine how that just made things even that much more intense when you’re that pregnant. 

Honestly, in the end it was really no issue though, because I really couldn’t have had a more loving, supportive, and understanding couple. Cara and Sheldon were the absolute sweetest, along with all of their family and friends there. Everyone there was so kind and helped make things go so much more smoothly. We were even surprised with a gift basket from them full of things for our baby boy!! I mean it was their wedding day where they should be the ones getting showered with gifts, and they got stuff for OUR baby?!! I know that everybody says this.. but wow, I swear I really do have the best clients in the world. 

These two are both so beautiful, outside and inside, and I hope you all enjoy getting to see their love through my lens, while re-living their wedding day through my eyes!






  1. Nichole Stackhouse says:

    Good afternoon, my daughter is getting married at the grand highland hotel on 11/5 of this year. Can you please send me a few quotes on what the price would be if we hired you as the photographer? I love your photos at the courthouse across the street from the hotel. Thank you

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