Page Springs Cellars Wedding

When it comes to Joseph and Noelle’s beautiful Page Springs Cellars wedding, there are a number of things to celebrate. First, not only did they officially become husband and wife, which that itself is enough, but they also did it during the middle of a pandemic. This is something they will remember forever and be able to tell their future grandchildren all about one day- how grandma and grandpa had a beautiful day filled with so much hope and joy, right when it seemed to feel like the world was falling apart around them. Second, I shot their wedding day at 7 months pregnant! Which to me, is another huge accomplishment! Haha!

Having a Wedding During a Pandemic

Most of us have never been through anything at all like this Covid pandemic before, so obviously I really wasn’t sure what to expect when it came to shooting a wedding day during all of this. It definitely looked slightly different than some of my other weddings. The venue workers wore masks when bringing out any food, and we all awkwardly joked about how we were unsure if we should shake hands when I arrived and met everyone. The number of people allowed also had to be much smaller, so Joe and Noelle had a very intimate wedding with just their families present and had to Facetime their loved ones who didn’t get to be there. Even with all of this though, I honestly seemed to forget about what we were currently dealing with, and I think everyone else there felt the same way. The Page Spring Cellars venue was so beautiful, overlooking the huge vineyard. We were right next to the creek and had giant luscious trees all around us. It truly made you forget your worries and all you could do was just take in the beauty of the location. Plus, the day was just filled with so much happiness and love, it was hard to think about anything else other than what a joyous day this really was. It was such a nice distraction from everything that we have all been dealing with these past few months and it felt so great to be a part of.

Shooting a Wedding While Pregnant

Like I mentioned earlier, I was also 7 months pregnant at their wedding, which throws a whole other curve ball in as well. Since all of my other spring weddings this year were canceled due to the virus, this was my first one back, and my first one while being pregnant. Not to mention, it was also a triple-digit, extremely hot day, so I had no idea how my pregnant self was going to do with that. Thankfully, everything worked out great in the end. I made sure to drink lots of water and electrolyte drinks throughout the day, and I also had my awesome husband there as my second shooter, who was able to hold all of my heavy gear for me. The most helpful part though was having such kind and supportive clients like Joe and Noelle, and also the staff at Page Springs Cellars. Everyone was so caring and helpful to me, and the venue employees kept making sure I was doing okay and had plenty of water. They even gave us a free pizza at the end of the night, which after working a long, hot day was SO appreciated! I was treated so graciously by everyone at the wedding, that on the way home I was joking with my husband that I’m going to actually miss not being pregnant at future weddings, since everyone was so nice to me! Haha!

At one point during the day, I asked Noelle how she had found/ chose Page Springs Cellars as her venue, because they actually live all the way over in Tucson, which is hours away! She told me she just had just come across it online and had never actually seen the place in person before, until she arrived for the wedding! I thought it was actually pretty cool that she just took a leap of faith and chose to have her wedding here without ever seeing it in person. It totally fits with their laid back and chill personalities. I hope she ended up thinking this place was just as incredible as I think it is. As you can see from all of these pictures below, it was seriously perfect and really couldn’t have been any better!








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