Whispering Tree Ranch Wedding in Laveen, AZ

I have had the pleasure of getting to be a part of so many wedding days by now that are all filled with such incredible, touching moments. To this day, nothing has pulled at my heart strings more though or made me tear up more than I did at Jordan and Reynaldo’s wedding day at Whispering Tree Ranch.

Their venue, Whispering Tree Ranch, located in Laveen, Arizona is a little oasis in the middle of the Phoenix desert and truly a hidden gem. From the pictures that I had seen, I knew it was full of gorgeous trees and greenery. Because of this, I thought we might be lost when David and I were driving around in what seemed to be the middle of nowhere. Once we found it though and walked onto the property, we were so surprised at just how beautiful of a place this was. Full of palm trees and gorgeous greenery, we felt like we were transported into a totally different place outside of the desert.

Jordan’s grandfather is the man that raised her and they have an incredibly close bond. She wrote him a beautiful, emotional letter for him to read before the two of them had a first-look. This is when the tears started flowing and right then I could see just how much his precious grand daughter truly meant to him.

After he got done reading her letter, we had Jordan come out so he could see her, looking stunning in her wedding gown with her hair and makeup all done. This is when reality really set in that he was about to give away his grand baby to another man. Both him and Jordan started immediately crying when they saw each other.

During all of this, David and I were trying to document everything and take pictures, but it’s hard to do that when your eyes are full of tears! Their emotions were contagious and it was just such a touching moment that I couldn’t help but be emotional myself witnessing it. It was one of those moments where I realized how important my job really is, because I was so grateful that I could be there for them, documenting this moment, so they can have it to look back on forever now.

Their wedding day had so many emotional moments, yet also so many HAPPY moments with it. I think the biggest thing that brought a smile to my face (and everyone else’s) was their dog, Pudge, that was the official ring bearer in their wedding! He seriously is the coolest dog you will ever meet and has the funniest personality. He really is like a little human and hung out on the dance floor with everyone! He then even snuck into some of Jordan and Reynaldo’s bride and groom portraits and decided to sit on the train of Jordan’s dress! (Seriously, we did not tell him to sit there- he chose to sit on her dress and wouldn’t get up no matter how much Jordan tried pulling on it to get him off haha!) Apparently he didn’t want mom and dad taking pictures without him 🙂 He had all of us cracking up, so you have to scroll down to see those photos with him!!

In the end, it was such an incredible day, filled with so many emotions. From crying from heartfelt moments, to crying from laughing so hard, it was one of those wedding days that truly had such a big impact on my heart and that I will never forget.


Venue and Florals: Whispering Tree Ranch

Hair and Makeup Artist: Emerald Beauty

Bridal Gown: Brilliant Bridal 

a white wedding gown hanging

a bouquet of pink and white roses in a vase

pink couch outside by trees

a wedding band and diamond ring sitting on a bouquet of roses

a man in a grey suit putting a watch on

a pug dog wearing flowers around his neck

three women holding bouquets of roses

man in suit and woman in white dress standing by a green tractor

woman in white wedding gown holding a bouquet of pink and white roses

a white wedding cake with pink roses

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