Landon’s Neutral Boho Nursery

It’s honestly so surreal to me that I am sharing MY baby’s nursery today with you. After years of looking at other people’s nursery blogs, watching Youtube nursery tour videos, and scrolling Pinterest for hours looking at all of the cute nursery inspo, I just can’t believe it’s my turn to share my own baby boy’s room now!

As soon as we moved into this house back in January of 2018, we knew (or at least hoped) that this would someday be our future child’s bedroom. For over two years it was our guest room and hosted many of our friends and family, so it was a little bittersweet to see it go (since we live in a 3 bedroom house and the other room is my home office). But I knew we were getting rid of our guest bedroom for the best reason possible.

I went back and fourth so many times on what I wanted to do with this room and what I wanted the “theme” or color scheme to be. But if you know me I don’t typically tend to do “themes” that often, like our ‘un-themed’ baby shower, which you can read and see the pictures from here. So I decided to stick to more of a ‘color scheme’ for his room. The walls were already grey, and to be honest I just didn’t have the energy while pregnant to paint the whole room, so we stuck with that color. Because of this, I went with all light, neutral decor and accents. Shades of grey, white, cream, and beige. My whole goal really was that I wanted it to be light and airy (I’m a photographer, so you know I’m all about that natural light!) and also just have it feel calm and peaceful when you were in there. Thankfully that is exactly how I feel when I walk in there now! I didn’t want it to feel boring though at the same time, so I made sure to add different textures, patterns and pops of color too.

I’m also the biggest bargain shopper there is. I love to find things used, usually from Facebook marketplace, garage sales, or thrift stores. So quite a few things in this room were actually used and I got for way cheaper! Personally, I didn’t want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on decor things that a baby isn’t even going to notice, or even use for very long. I know many parents do go all out like that though (especially with the first kid).. so that’s just me!

I am SO excited to share Landon’s room with you and hope you enjoy this little glimpse in to it! I will try to put a link for anything that I can!

Crib Mattress- Newton Breathable Mattress (we got the waterproof one)

We needed something really big for this wall, since it is such a huge blank space. So I hung this tapestry (from Hobby Lobby) and then his name sign over it. The supplies for his sign were also all bought at Hobby Lobby as well and then my mom helped me put it together! SO much cheaper than all of the custom name signs I was looking at online!

“Hello I’m New Here” sign- Hobby Lobby  (I took these photos before he was here. I have since filled out the sign! 😉 )

Little succulent plant with the “oh baby!” sign in it is actually a decoration from our baby shower, which you can read about and see the images from that day here.

The shelves and mirror I already actually had. And the dream catcher and ‘Be Brave Little One” sign were both gifts, so I’m not sure where they were from unfortunately!

Unfinished wood frame I got from Joanne’s- I wanted a super simple light frame so this was perfect and only a couple bucks. Then the rainbow print inside of it with his name I purchased online off of Etsy and love it!

Pom Pom Mobile (he loves watching this thing) – Buy Buy Baby

Sweet Dreams Little Love Sign- Hobby Lobby

Basket I use for his laundry- from Joannes

Rug- from Ross

Blue Pom Pom Garland- Target (also leftover decor from our baby shower!)

I don’t love the clutter underneath the crib, but we don’t have much storage space in our house, soo that is where those things will have to live for now haha.

Sign- Hobby Lobby

Glider chair- Amazon

Rocking horse- The sweetest handmade gift from my Mom and Dad!

My First Year Sign- this particular one I bought at TJ Maxx. I loved how big this one was compared to others I’ve seen! In person, it’s actually really good size!

Dream Catcher and Be Kind and Brave sign- both from Hobby Lobby

His changing table/ dresser I actually found on the Facebook marketplace and completely fixed it up and redid it myself! It was a really dark, orange wood that was all scratched up, so now it goes great with his light colored room!

Changing Pad cover- Target

We are so very excited to have our baby boy finally here with us and cannot wait for all of the sweet memories that are going to be made in here!

  1. Shelby says:

    Such a beautiful room for a handsome boy ♥️

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