Military Family Session in Sedona

I am so excited to put my very first blogged session out into the world! It’s especially exciting since it’s to share the photos that I took of a family that I absolutely love and that means so much to me. Not to mention we also took these pictures in BEAUTIFUL Sedona, right here in Arizona. If you’ve never been, I HIGHLY recommend going and seeing it for yourself. It is such a cool town that’s really unlike any other place. I think these pictures speaks for themselves on just how beautiful it is. Surprisingly, even after all these years, I hadn’t gotten the opportunity to do an actual session here in Sedona yet, so I was really excited when Shelby suggested we do their pictures there!

Another reason this session was SO incredible, is that these are the first family pictures that Shelby, Adam, and their adorable son, Nathon, have been able to take together in a very long time, due to Adam being deployed. He was in Afghanistan for the last 9 months, so it was so special to be able to take these pictures for them as a family all together again here on American soil. You can just see the love they have for each other in these pictures and I was so honored that I was the one that got to capture it. Shelby and I have been friends for over 4 years now, (fun fact: we met when we worked at Olive Garden in Prescott together haha) so it truly warms my heart to see her with her precious, happy little family now.

What you might not realize just from looking at these pictures, is that we had quite the hike to get to this location to have such a beautiful backdrop. We were walking past hikers wearing boots and full on hiking gear, while we were wearing sandals and Shelby was in a beautiful white dress. It was pretty funny and I wonder what they all were thinking of us. But then again, maybe the locals are used to seeing stuff like this, since Cathedral Rock is such a popular spot for taking pictures. I had all my gear loaded up that I had to carry, while our husbands took turns carrying Nathon up the mountain. (Shout out to David for being the best assistant and helping with this, and also keeping Nathon occupied the whole time when I took pictures of just Adam and Shelby alone later on.)

Even though we had the hike and it was hot (it was the middle of August in Arizona!), I would still do it over a thousand times again to get these gorgeous pictures!! By the looks of these images, I would say it was so beyond worth it right?! Once we got there we honestly did not even think about the climb or the weather, because we were so focused on just how beautiful it was all around us! I love that my job forces me to get out and explore these incredible places that we have here right in Arizona.  I want to know, have you been to Sedona? Have you found any cool hiking trails or things to do around there? I would seriously love to know and go check them out for myself or book another session or wedding there soon!



man and woman holding child

family standing together

little boy sitting on dad's shoulders

man and woman kissing in front of mountain

man and woman wearing white and dancing in front of mountain

a couple kissing in sedona az

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