Gender Reveal in Surprise Arizona

Complete. utter. shock.

This is what Chris and Crystal felt when they pulled on their smoke cannons that released bright blue smoke up into the sky. They swore up and down that they were having a baby girl. “No way, it’s a boy?!” But there was no denying that the powder that filled the air around them for sure was a neon blue, no pink in sight. Their faces in these pictures show you just how genuinely shocked that they seriously were, and I am so glad I got to be the one to capture their priceless reactions!

All their closest friends and family gathered together in Surprise, Arizona and lined up across from them to start counting down from 10. As we got closer and closer to 1, I started to get anxious and nervous myself! I have no idea why, since the outcome didn’t affect me at all, but I guess it was just more excited butterflies in my stomach for them! No matter if it was a boy or girl, that does not matter at all and we all knew they were going to be happy no matter the outcome. I think the thrilling part of it is solely just the fact that they were literally counting down to see just how much their life was going to soon change.

I had the privilege of meeting Chris and Crystal over 3 years ago, when they were still only dating. We actually all lived in California at the time, and then my husband and I moved back to Arizona where we originally were from. Just a couple years later they followed suit and moved here to our beautiful state as well! So now to see them years down the road, married, and now having a baby, is so special to me! They also booked me for their family pictures earlier last year when they arrived in AZ, when it was just the two of them and their adorable 3 dogs. It just makes it all that much more special and exciting that now I got to capture them celebrating bringing a whole new life into the world, and into their family.

They had the most adorable “He-or-She-Esta” gender reveal party, where all of the decor went perfectly with the theme. Everything from the snacks, drinks, wall and table decor, down to even the delicious homemade horchata (that Chris made himself!) all were so fun and tied everything together. I can already tell that this baby boy is coming into such a wonderful family that is going to be so loved and cherished!


He or She Esta Themed Gender Reveal Party




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